Friday, September 25, 2009


The play
Thoreau is creatively based on the life, works and words of Henry David Thoreau. The play accurately depicts Thoreau life by telescoping portions of his life in one summer. All of Thoreau's works were read as well as several biographies to write this play. Why publish a three act play you might ask. Because Thoreau's work, his writings, have pinpointed as well as clarified our world, our government and the importance of our environment. His work, therefore, is timeless and applicable to all ages.

Some of the six stories in
Stellar Energies To America written as fiction are based on experience like the Vietnam War novella A Final Quietus while two stories, Animal Park (first published by Swans and can be read at my Links minus the two Emily Dickinson poems on robins that I quote before the story begins) and The Man Who Became a Box are fantasies. The two Emily Dickinson poems are included in the Fictionaut posting of the story Animal Park, Parts I & II.

However, in the story
Animal Park a robin was witnessed by the author to be looking at herself repeatedly in car door mirrors. For several days in a row this robin flew to an unoccupied parked car to gaze at herself in the mirror, landing on the crevice of the window on the driver's side of the car and then flying to the opposite car door mirror. The robin became Molly. A man becoming a box is a fantasy, but in our dreams all things are possible.

Why not write those stories based on fact and experience as non-fiction you might ask. Sometimes facts alone are insufficient to highlight and bring alive the reality of the world. The citizens of a country need a perspective that encompasses a fuller picture of their country and their countrymen, not a partial and insular version.

A superpower that stumbles is inevitably led by stumblers who make mistakes and blunders with the footprint of the American people.

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