Wednesday, February 11, 2009



Molly the Robin

I’m only a bird but it is as plain as the beak on my face that your national government is over stretched, over extended and overblown. My name is Molly and I am an American robin. I learned to think by seeing myself in car door mirrors. I am a mother who has had several broods of hatchlings. A fellow wrote about my story in
Animal Park. He only got half the story right as most people do. I use public school libraries which are often closed. I usually find windows or openings into schools. I only have to perch on a tree or bush or deck to watch television news, which is hardly worth the trouble most of the time.

Parameters, limits and focus of your national government are lacking. By trying to rule the world, in a way, even a small way is not your mission. Your government’s role ought to be limited to creating an excellent judicial system including supervising the financial industry. The phrase “justice delayed is justice denied” ought never to be applicable. Providing effective national security, health care, infrastructure, safe and sanitary foods and social security ought also to be your main functions including an independent and neutral foreign policy. The cost of government ought always to be reasonable, not unreasonable. Unless there is a definition of what reasonable costs are in government prescribed in the Constitution the country will more likely lurch from economic crises caused by government.

Finally, protecting the earth itself ought to be your ultimate mission in all things you do. The earth is fast becoming a
garbage dump of toxic stew. Unless you treat the earth with more respect and even reverence you will destroy everything. Today, you are failing in all these endeavors. Why? Because the mission of your government is everywhere instead of focused somewhere. Your country is not a leader, but solely a follower after wealth, power and influence. The American Indians said trod lightly on the earth, do not create ruts, vast filth and reckless killings.

It seems to me that your government’s actions during this financial meltdown, which is really a fiasco made by government through its inattention and lack of oversight, is in protecting itself instead of the American people. If the American people have less money, cutting back on their spending and reducing their lifestyle choices to some degree, why isn’t the government planning on downsizing substantially. The national debt and deficit are exploding, increasing to enormous, exorbitant, excessive and vast levels. The result is a weakening economy and dollar. The interest on the debt is never or rarely reported. Why? Is the annual interest payment on the national debt insignificant? Why is your national television media so reluctant to address the financial and fiscal matters of the country in detail? The answer is that television ratings do not justify exposing and revealing such a critical component of your government. So much for the value of your public air waves for illuminating the financial plight of your nation.

Solutions can only occur with a bedrock of honesty and commitment by your leaders or new leaders need to emerge. There is so much lying, mendacity and duplicity by humanity that you are making us all sick, including the earth. I read in a library recently that your kind even lies in casual conversations about little things as much as big things. In fact, most of you can’t even talk without lying. Now, how long will it take your lying to destroy everything including the earth?

If the elected members of government cannot provide effective oversight over government agencies and departments, the federal government is too big, too unweildy, too cumbersome and too ponderous. An expensive failure is often the fruit of government agencies and departments unless there is oversight by the people through their elected representatives.

Solutions in our bird world are often simple if leaders are truly committed to the flock.

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