Saturday, March 14, 2009

Superpower Incompetence or Homeland Insecurity


Molly the Robin

My name is Molly and I am an American robin. I learned to think by seeing myself in car door mirrors. I am a mother who has had several broods of hatchlings. A fellow wrote about my story in Animal Park. He only got half the story right as most people do. I use public school libraries which are often closed. I usually find windows or openings into schools. I only have to perch on a tree or bush or deck to watch television news, which is hardly worth the trouble most of the time.

I was flabbergasted at what I have been seeing on your television news because they usually try to minimize bad news by covering it lightly, ignoring it or being deceptive about it. But this story has legs in Mexico as well as along the U.S. and Mexican border. While your country is flexing its muscles as a superpower with costly aircraft carriers, endless military technological schemes and about 1000 U.S. military bases around the world, yet right in your backyard violence is flaring in Mexico and along the border with your country and spilling over in your country. Hundreds of people are being killed in the streets in running gun battles.

There is no news about the value of homes in the American southwest that have declined because of the lack of security resulting in more crimes-burglaries and home invasions. If that doesn't affect national security what does? This is another example of the mainstream television news failing to inform the American people the lack of effective government administered by republicans and democrats.

The Mexican drug cartels are even in Atlanta, Georgia as it is a hub for their operations for the eastern and southern states. In fact, the U.S.A. Today newspaper story called Mexican Drug Cartels Plague Atlanta said that Mexican drug cartels were operating in 195 cities in the United States. Can you imagine this? What has your government been doing for the last 20 or 30 years? What have democrats and republicans being doing? Making things worse?

Your government is spending about a trillion dollars on security counting the Defense Department, Homeland Security and all those alphabet soup security agencies you have established. Right now it looks like Homeland Security ought to be called Homeland Insecurity.

If the American people weren't so lackadaisical those blundering, fumbling and ineffective democrats and republicans would have been supplemented and supplanted by political parties sharing political power and reducing their monopoly on power. In addition, their form of government is very costly and expensive with so little to show for it, not security, not safe food and drugs and not effective government. These democrats and republicans always have the same answer, it could and would be a lot worse without their kind of government policies. The answer to them is simple: with new and fresh and more political parties sharing power it would likely be much better than it is today.

How long is their show going to go on? How many more mishaps can these two parties sustain: 9/11, economic meltdown for lack of government oversight, unsafe food and drugs, massive drug cartels invading the country, lack of a national high speed rail system, lack of an efficient national health care system and a few dozen more things.

If we had republicans and democrats in our bird world we would have reduced their influence long ago. I'll be flying off now.

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