Sunday, June 28, 2009

Spendthrift Government


Molly the Robin

There is endless talk and miniscule reporting on national health care today. Your government is the largest in the world because it spends the most money, yet your embedded Democrats and Republicans cannot figure out a cost-effective and humane way to provide health care for all of its citizens. It means they really do not want to provide it or they are incapable of doing so. In either case the embedded political parties have shown their mismanagement of the economy and the budget for at least two generations culminating in the latest financial bailout of the greedy and corrupt financial system-yet few people have been held criminally liable. Why oh why? Is it because the corruption is embedded so deeply? The debt and deficit your government runs up only make the citizenry poorer while the government elites and the institutions and industries they favor all do quite well at the expense of the country.

When the two entrenched political parties went to war in Iraq they did not calculate the costs which now soar into the trillions of dollars adding future health care costs of the soldiers. The maimed Iraqis undoubtedly have dubious health care future.

Chronically unsuccessful workers are either fired or removed from their jobs, except in the political arena where round the clock financial and managerial mayhem are immune from change. A wall of impunity and immunity has been erected to protect them and their parties. It is a wall made up of laws, regulations and most importantly a complicit and mutually beneficial way to govern to protect them from competition. The free press generally is weak in criticizing them, for they are partners who need one another for their mutual benefit and profit. Favoritism has become an American pillar of political and economic life weaved into law.

Your Democrats and Republicans have built a wall of incompetence prohibiting other political parties from participating in your democracy. Allowing their incompetence to continue endangers the nation. A failed democracy from within causes the worst kind of abuses, for the people are mere mannequins.

Your Democrats and Republicans have built a costly and unnecessary military empire at the expense of the citizenry. Intricate and expensive military and national security strategies did not prevent the horrific day 9/11. The attack succeeded not because you spent too little on security, but because of incompetence on the part of your government. Now you are spending too much on security for little purpose against a tactic you call "war on terror". How do you have a war against a tactic by criminals?

As we birds together in the park to discuss our affairs all have a voice. We do not waste nor do we ignore or abuse our fellow creatures. Your great economy and country and natural abundance have been severely abused for a few at the expense of the many. You have no longer created a government of the people, by the people and for the people. You have created a government of the few, by the few and for the few. Fairness and justice and freedom still exist but they are relegated to smaller and smaller corners of your country.

We birds conduct our affairs fairly without favoritism. We sing our songs to praise our way of life every day.

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