Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Honesty and Ethics Deficit


Molly the Robin

My name is Molly and I am an American robin. I learned to think by seeing myself in car door mirrors. I am a mother who has had several broods of hatchlings. A fellow wrote about my story in Animal Park. He only got half the story right as most people do. I use public school libraries which are often closed. I usually find windows or openings into schools. I only have to perch on a tree or bush or deck to watch television news where most Americans get their information is hardly worth the trouble most of the time.

Your society and politicians have either abandoned or neglected honesty and ethics to such a degree your honesty and ethical deficit is far greater than your national budget and debt deficits. Your two most recent wars-Vietnam and Iraq were based on falsehoods and there were no political sanctions or legal repercussions for such dishonesty, such as impeachment and removal from office or even removal of pensions and government subsidies. The embedded political parties have no intention of utilizing such measures. Impeachment and removal from office have been utilized so seldom in 250 years one might think that the American politician is among the most honorable, honest and effective elected officials the world as ever seen, making them a model for the world to follow.

Your free press, especially television news, gives the same view and impression. How fortunate for your politicians, unfortunately, it is a disaster for the American people. Change is everywhere, except for the "official political class" and all other political parties are considered false and have no legitimacy. Political monopolies are acceptable in your democracy, which is a democracy but with a wholly lopsided building that does not provide safety and security for the majority of Americans. The lopsided and unbalanced structure of the government can be corrected and improved with reconstruction.

Think of democrats and republicans as your employees. Two employees who waste your company's time, often spend money needlessly and wastefully and occasionally do their jobs well. What do you do? You fire them and replace them with people who know your concerns and accomplish their jobs effectively and efficiently. Find other political parties and create other political parties who are not mired in the agendas of lobbyists. The status quo has been failure, which your television networks dare not mention, for their game is profit, not in informing you of the information required to make informed decisions about your elected officials.

Your society uses such things as the credit report as a substitute for honesty, job skills, character when several of the people who founded the country were either heavily in debt or bankrupt and their honesty and ethics far surpasses those today with excellent credit reports who created the recent economic meltdown and causing the financial bailout by the political class who probably had more to lose financially on Wall Street than the average American.

Abandoning ethics and honesty is like setting sail on a boat with a severe leak and expecting to survive an ocean voyage without a major mishap.

The superstructure of institutions whose foundation is power and money without honesty and ethics will undoubtedly collapse through its own corruption and incompetence which are the products of an honesty and ethics deficit.

We birds learned this so I don't understand why you upright worms can't learn it. Some things are really hard to learn and maintain- your is honesty and ethical conduct-especially in your political and educational systems. Parenting too has this gap-the honesty and ethical gap for there is no insistence on honesty or ethics.

Well, I'll be flying over to a wooded area near the park where we reside. Hopefully, your kind won't cut it all down this summer for some financially profitable development project. I believe in profit without too much destruction of our home, which is planet earth.

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